Superior Insolvency and Bankruptcy Legal Assistance

At the Frank Firm, PLLC, it is our duty to represent individuals and businesses to the best of their interests. Our attorneys are strong advocates of our clients in making sure all their legal needs are met.

The Frank Firm, PLLC is a boutique law firm in Farmington Hills, Michigan that covers business litigation, bankruptcy, insolvency, and more. We provide legal assistance to individuals with financial issues without resorting to bankruptcy. Our lawyers also have a great deal of experience in secured transactions, loans, and mortgages.

You can rely on us in assisting you with the following legal areas:

  • Appeals
  • Bankruptcy
  • Creditors' Rights
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishments
  • Tax Liabilities
  • Real Estate and Commercial Transactions
  • State Court Remedies
  • Lawsuits

Creditors' Rights

Our legal team helps businesses and individuals understand their rights when they are owed money. We specialize in making creative strategies that can manage any sophisticated creditor issues during any proceeding.

Business and Commercial Litigation

We represent our clients in all aspects of commercial litigation, including breach of contracts, bank loans, and other business-related disputes. Our legal team has extensive experience in helping individuals and businesses from different industries.

The most common topics litigated by our team include, but not limited to:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Breach of Promissory Note

  • Conversion

  • Fraud

  • Fraudulent Conveyance Actions

  • Promissory Estoppel

  • Tortious Interference


Our legal team has extensive expertise in representing both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy-related proceedings filed under Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13.

We help our clients with the filing and defending of the following:

  • Adversary Proceedings

  • Debtors’ Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs

  • Emergency Motions

  • First Day Motions

  • Fraudulent Transfer Actions

  • Lift Stay Motions

  • Plans of Liquidation

  • Plans of Reorganization

  • Preference Actions

  • Proof of Claims

Real Estate and Commercial Contract Drafting and Review

We help our clients with planning and drafting comprehensive legal documents. We commonly prepare the following for our clients:

  • Contracts

  • Deeds

  • Financing Statements

  • Land Contracts

  • Leases

  • Mortgages

  • Operating Agreements (Corporate and LLC Formation Documents)

  • Promissory Notes

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Tortious Interference

  • Releases

  • Security Agreements

  • Settlement Agreements

Business and Individual Insolvency

In addition to bankruptcy, we are well-versed in using out-of-court workout strategies, Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), and state court receiverships. We also have broad experience representing creditors, lenders, and debtors in all areas of the insolvency spectrum. Rely on us to represent you in your best interests.


Jerry Frank has 46 years of experience handling appeals from all state and federal courts located in Michigan and also have extensive experience in litigation and brief writing to draw upon when preparing appellate briefs. We have also filed many motions for various relief in both state and federal appellate courts. Jerry Frank is a former adjunct assistant professor of law at Wayne State University School of Law having taught legal research and writing. The firm has the strong organizational skills and analytical skills that appellate work requires.  

We pride ourselves on:

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Reasonable Fees

  • Concise Analysis of Complex Issues

  • High Success Rate

State Court Remedies

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABC)

Through an Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABC), the debtor assigns all of its assets to an independent third party who will liquidate the assets for the benefit of the debtor’s creditors. What makes the ABC special is that it is expeditious and inexpensive for the involved parties. Fortunately, our legal team has expertise in acting as the assignee as well as representing assignees, debtors, and creditors.


Michigan law also allows for a Receiver to be appointed to administer the assets of an individual or a business. For example, a judgment creditor may request the court to appoint a Receiver to sell or preserve the assets of a debtor that has not paid a judgment. Let our experienced team be your partner in helping your company.


This type of resolution can be used by involved parties to negotiate an agreement with their creditors. Our attorneys can help you settle debt while avoiding bankruptcy and saving most of your properties.

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